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KMRP Research Projects and Reports

Habitats, Biodiversity Assessments and Baselines
1.1.1 Benthic biodiversity
1.1.2 Key ecological processes  (Final Reports)
1.1.3 Ecological connectivity   (Final Reports)

Marine Fauna
1.2.1 Humpback whales
1.2.2 Marine Turtles
1.2.3 Saltwater crocodiles
1.2.4 Dolphins  (Final Report)
1.2.5 Dugong
1.2.6 Pressures on migratory shorebirds

Reef Growth and Maintenance
1.3.1 Geomorphology  (Final Report)
1.3.2 Calcification
1.4 Remote sensing
1.5 Indigenous Knowledge
2.1.1 Human use  (Final Report)
2.1.2 Social values  (Final Report)

Understanding ecological processes in the Kimberley and their influence on marine biodiversity conservation
2.2.1 Oceanographic dynamics  (Final Report)
2.2.2 Biogeochemical processes   (Final Report)
2.2.3 Benthic community production   (Final Report)
2.2.4 Seagrass  (Final Report)
2.2.5 Mapping productivity
2.2.6 Land-ocean linkages
2.2.7 Climate change (Final Report)
2.2.8 Modelling the future of the Kimberley region
2.2.9 Sediment record