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About WAMSI Research

The following research was undertaken between 2007 and 2011.

There were seven Nodes of research.

NODE 1 – WA Shelf and Coastal Marine Ecosystems
  1.1 Southwest Australian Coastal Biochemistry
  1.2 Coastal ecosystem characterisation, benthic ecology, connectivity and client delivery modules
  1.3 Kimberley Hub Project
  1.4 Kimberley Hub Project
NODE 2 – Climate Processes, Predictability & Impacts in a Warming Indian Ocean
  2.1 Dynamics and predictability of the Indo-Pacific Ocean as a global condition on marine climate impacts in WA
  2.2 Dynamics and impacts of the Leeuwin Current on the marine environment of WA
  2.3 Oceanic conditions at Ningaloo Reef – analysis of downscaling ocean climate into the Ningaloo Reef Tract
NODE 3 – Managing and Conserving the Marine State
  3.1 Biodiversity assessment and development of cost-effective monitoring protocols
  3.2 Biodiversity assessment, ecosystem impacts of human usage and management strategy evaluation
  3.3 Project did not proceed
  3.4 Characterisation of geomorphology and surficial sediments
  3.5 Characterisation and modelling of oceanographic processes and biodiversity assessment
  3.6 Biodiversity conservation, education and communication
  3.7 SRFME Carryover projects – Jurien Bay
  3.8 North West Marine Research Inventory
  3.9 Post Graduate Seed Funding Program
NODE 4 – Fisheries Ecosystems
  4.1 Applying the Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) Framework
  4.2 Assessment of Community structure, biodiversity, habitat and climate change and the impact of anthropogenic influences
  4.3 Trophic interactions and ecosystem modelling
  4.4 Captured species assessments
  4.5 Socio-economic implications
NODE 5 – Marine Biodiscovery, Biotechnology & Aquaculture
  5.1 Marine biodiscovery and biotechnology – Western Australia marine bioresources library
  5.2 BioMolecular diversity and partnered biodiscovery
  5.3 Project did not proceed
  5.4 Quorum Sensing
NODE 6 – Ocean Science for Offshore and Coastal Engineering
  6.1 Offshore and coastal engineering and the effects of climate change
  6.2 Impact of internal waves on offshore engineering
  6.3 Western Australian Integrated Marine Observation System
NODE 7 – Dredging Science
  7.0 Dredging Science – Science Plan Development

View the Final Reports here