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Capability and Infrastructure


Strategic new capability for Western Australia - The Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC)

The IOMRC is the key new marine science capability being developed in Western Australia.  The IOMRC has built two major marine science facilities at The University of Western Australia campus, and at Waterman’s Bay Marine Centre.  It provides a hub for capability and leadership in marine studies across the Indian Ocean, co-locating some of Australia’s largest marine research organisations.  The IOMRC contributors; UWA, CSIRO, AIMS and the Department of Fisheries, are all partners in WAMSI and the new facilities and co-location strongly complement WAMSI's activities.  The IOMRC website can be found here.


Aquaculture, Biomolecular, Microbiological, Geochemistry, Genetic and Analysis - AIMS

Oceans and climate, Ocean energy, Managing fisheries, Coastal information, Ocean diversity - CSIRO

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Biogiochemistry, Hydrodynamics and Environmental Research - UWA

Analytical Chemical Research - Chemcentre

Molecular, Fish Health, Marine Aquaria - Department of Fisheries

Hydrodynamics, Underwater acoustics, Marine ecology and biomonitoring - Curtin University

Marine and Freshwater Research - Murdoch University

Marine and Estuarine Ecosystems - Edith Cowan University

Aquarium, Marine laboratory - Kimberley Marine Research Station



Bio resources library, Coral core collections – AIMS

WA Marine Bio resources library - WA Museum


Research Vessels

The Solander and the Cape Ferguson - AIMS

The Southern Surveyor, the  Investigator and the Linnaeus - CSIRO

The Research Vessel Naturaliste - Department of Fisheries

The Southwind and the Atalanta IV, Research Vessels - Kimberley Marine Research Station



Grob and Diamond airplanes - Airborne Research Australia



Gliders - UWA

Sea Simulator - AIMS

Hyperspectral Imaging - Airborne Research Australia

Atmospheric and Remote Sensing Instruments - Airbourne Research Australia

Remote Sensing - Curtin University

Diving equipment and pearl oyster hatchery - Kimberley Marine Research Station

Data Management - Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

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