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Climate Change Resources for the Marine Environment

WAMSI has just produced an interactive DVD that incorporates a variety of climate-related information resources for the marine environment. The materials contained on the DVD were supplied by many organisations and provide easy access to a range of marine climate science in a variety of formats and levels of detail. The DVD deals with key issues of climate change, possible impacts, and opportunities for action and adaptation.

This project funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) as part of the project: Climate Change Adaptation - Building Community and Industry Knowledge, focuses on 3 geographic areas around Australia, the printed materials are divided into the southwest, the southeast and the tropical regions respectively.

The resources describe the current trends in the oceans around Australia, drawing on a range of data and on the experiences of fishers and scientists. On the DVD are images, simulations and visualisations of ocean currents, explanations of impacts using animations, videos, published booklets, information sheets, research papers, presentations and a teacher plan.

View a PDF version of the DVD