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Connecting you to Capability

WAMSI is a simple front door to provide major capability and diversity to assist with your marine science issues.

With thirteen organisations in the joint venture WAMSI has the largest single marine science capability in Australia and is an important capability that can assist with marine science issues. 

Bio-physical research, structural engineering studies and economic analysis are all within the WAMSI joint venture capability.  

WAMSI is independent and delivers public-good multi-disciplinary research, can broker work to others and is a trusted option for expert arm’s length advice and coordination activities. Strong and efficient governance ensures high quality peer reviewed research that remains on target to inform decision making.

WAMSI should be contacted to discuss partnership opportunities and efforts to build marine science capability in Western Australia.


Phone: +61 (08) 6488 4573


Deliver strategic multidisciplinary research programs

WAMSI delivers public good marine research that informs the socio-economic development and marine environmental management off Australia’s western coast.  WAMSI can uniquely scale capability to deliver programs such as the $30million Kimberley Marine Research Program, utilising 200 scientists from 11 partner organisations.  

WAMSI also partners with industry to deliver programs that benefit both industry and the community such as the $18million dredging science node part funded by Chevron, Woodside and BHPB. Rigorous controls to protect management of sensitive information while delivering publishable derived outputs.

Broker research projects and/or provide simple procurement

WAMSI offers a single front door to the combined capability of its joint venture partners.  An existing legal, financial and quality framework for collaboration allows for straightforward development of teams from across the joint venture and across disciplines to address project needs.

For private sector operational activities WAMSI provides a single point for work to be brokered to appropriate teams within our research joint venture partners. This may be appropriate for work directly informing regulatory processes or require results not to be published and as such is not appropriate for WAMSI to deliver.

Independent advice and review on marine science and management issues

Independent, arms-length, advice or review of issues or existing proposals can provide both you and your stakeholders with added confidence. The broad range of expertise in the joint venture from regulatory, project delivery and research backgrounds in all relevant disciplines makes WAMSI a ready option for trusted independent advice.  

Assist in developing forums and strategies

With a broad stakeholder base and trusted role as an honest broker, WAMSI facilitates a number of forums to address issues related to marine science.  WAMSI has partnered with numerous industry, research and other groups to facilitate forums or bringing diverse groups together to discuss opportunities and issues.

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