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Dredging Science Node Reports


Dredging Science Node Synthesis Report


Research Priorities Workshop Report       Dredging Science Node Science Plan



Theme 2/3:

Predicting and measuring the characteristics of sediments generated by dredging

Generation of sediments by dredging_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 2.1_Mills & Kemps 2016_FINAL

Estimating dredge source terms – a review of contemporary practice in the context of Environmental Impact Assessment in Western Australia WAMSI DSN Report 2.2 Kemps & Masini 2017 FINAL

Optical remote sensing for dredge plume monitoring_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 3.1.1_Fearns et al 2017_FINAL

Sediment transport processes_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 3.1.2_Lowe & Ghisalberti 2016_FINAL

Numerical modelling of dredge plumes_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 3.1.3_Sun et al 2016_FINAL

Plume Characterisation – Laboratory Studies_WAMSI DSN Report 3.2.2_ Fearns et al 2018_FINAL

Sediment transport processes over benthic ecosystems_WAMSI DSN Report 3.3_Lowe et al 2019_FINAL

Theme 4:

Defining Thresholds and Indicators of Coral Response to Dredging Related Pressures


Synthesis report: Defining thresholds and indicators of coral response to dredging-related pressures_WAMSI DSN Report 4.0_Jones et al 2019_FINAL

Assessing Impacts of dredging on corals_a review_WAMSI DSN Project 4.1_Jones et al 2017_FINAL

Effects dredging on water quality_WAMSI DSN Project 4.2_Fisher et al 2017_FINAL

Estimating sediment deposition fields around dredging activities_WAMSI DSN Project 4.3_Stark et al 2017

Continuous in situ monitoring of sediment deposition_WAMSI DSN Report 4.4_Whinney et al 2017_FINAL

Coral biogeography of Western Australia Review WAMSI DSN Report 4.5 Jones 2016_FINAL

Laboratory-based studies examining the effects of sediments on corals: Executive summary and management implications_WAMSI DSN Report 4.6_Jones et al 2019_FINAL

Coral Demography_WAMSI DSN Project 4.7_Babcock et al 2017_FINAL

Mucous sheet production in Porites_WAMSI DSN Project 4.8_Bessell-Browne et al 2017_FINAL

Effects of dredging and dredging related activities on water quality: Impacts on coral mortality and threshold development_WAMSI DSN Project 4.9_Fisher et al 2019_FINAL

Theme 5:

Defining Thresholds and Indicators of Primary Producer Response to Dredging Related Pressures


Defining thresholds and indicators of primary producer response to dredging-related pressures: Synthesis Report_WAMSI DSN project 5.0_Lavery et al 2019_ FINAL

Effects of dredging on seagrass_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 5.1.1_McMahon et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass Biogeography_WAMSI DSN Report 5.1.2_McMahon et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass Genetics_WAMSI DSN Report  5.2_McMahon et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass Natural Dynamics_WAMSI DSN Report 5.3_Vanderklift et al 2017_Final

Seagrass Recovery Mechanisms_WAMSI DSN Report 5.4_Vanderklift et al 2017_FINAL

Determining light stress thresholds for seagrass_WAMSI DSN Project 5.5.1_Statton et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass sediment burial_WAMSI DSN Project 5.5.2_Statton et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass Light Frequency Reduction Experiment_WAMSI DSN Project 5.5.3_Statton et al 2017_FINAL

Seagrass burial by organic and inoganic sediments under low light_WAMSI Project 5.5.4_Statton et al 2017_FINAL


Theme 6:

Defining thresholds and indicators of Filter Feeder responses to dredging-related pressures

Synthesis report: Defining thresholds and indicators of filter feeder responses to dredging-related pressures_WAMSI DSN project 6.0_Abdul Wahab et al 2019_FINAL

Effects of Dredging on Filter Feeders_Review_WAMSI DSN Report 6.1_Schönberg_2016_FINAL

Sponge Biogeography of WA_a review_WAMSI DSN Project 6.2 Fomont et al 2017

Comparisons of benthic filter feeder communities before_after large scale dredging program_WAMSI DSN Project 6.3_Abdul Wahab et al 2017

Photo catalogue of marine benthic diversity off Onslow (Pilbara Region of WA)_WAMSI DSN Project 6.3.1_Abdul Wahab et al

Effects of dredging related stressors on sponges_WAMSI DSN Project 6.4_Pineda et al 2017_FINAL

Theme 7


Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for coral

Effects sediments on coral reproduction_WAMSI DSN Project 7.1 Jones et al 2017_FINAL

Coral Reproduction in WA_WAMSI DSN Project 7.2 Gilmour et al 2017_FINAL

Effects of sediments on reproductive cycle of corals_WAMSI DSN Projects 7.3 7.4 & 7.5_Ricardo et al 2017_FINAL

Theme 8:

Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for Finfish

Effects of dredging on finfish_a review_WAMSI DSN Projects 8.1 & 8.2_Harvey et al 2017

Theme 9:

Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for Other Organisms

Effects of Dredging on Ecological Processes_WAMSI DSN Report 9.1_Short_et_al_2017_FINAL


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