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Book Launch: The Natural World of the Kimberley

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution is proud to support the launch of the Kimberley Society’s latest publication, The Natural World of the Kimberley.

The publication is the culmination of research results presented at the 2017 Kimberley Symposium including chapters on the WAMSI Kimberley Marine Research Program as well as land-based research conducted across Western Australia’s universities and state government authorities.    

The Natural World of the Kimberley provides an unprecedented view of the Kimberley flora, fauna and landscapes, and the conservation efforts underway to preserve them.

By focusing on particular aspects of this remarkable region the Natural World of the Kimberley highlights the Kimberley’s ecological importance.

The book also explores how various groups, including Traditional Owners, are working together to protect this pristine landscape.

The Natural World of the Kimberley is a valuable resource for nature lovers, adventurers and anyone interest in this extraordinary part of Australia.

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Thu 12 Jul 2018 To Thu 12 Jul 2018

4:30pm To 6:30pm