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Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership lunchtime science seminar series. Session 3: Environmental Drivers

Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership lunchtime science seminar series at Parks and Wildlife, Kensington – grab a sandwich and a seat!

When: Thursday, 29 June, 12:00-13:00
Where: Ningaloo/Purnululu seminar rooms; Department of Parks and Wildlife, Kensington
Who: Professor Ryan Lowe, University of Western Australia and Dr Fabio Boschetti, CSIRO

Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership Lunch n Learn Series – Environmental Drivers’ – ‘Understanding factors causing environmental change in the Pilbara region

CSIRO in partnership with The University of Western Australia has been conducting the first ever regional-scale assessment of the conditions of – and threats to – the Pilbara coasts and its coral reefs. This partnership, known as, The Pilbara Conservation Marine Partnership (PMCP), is a five year study (completing in 2017) funded by the Gorgon Barrow Island Net Conservation Benefits Fund. The fund is administered by the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife.

This lunch n learn is the final session of the PMCP series and will focus on presenting research undertaken as part of the ‘Environmental Pressures’ theme.

Professor Ryan Lowe from UWA will share research on the role that oceanic drivers (especially tropical cyclones and marine heat waves) play in shaping coastal ecosystems in the Ningaloo-Pilbara region.

Dr Fabio Boschetti from CSIRO will be presenting outcomes from research that modelled connectivity between fringing coral reefs in the North West Shelf of Australia and the how potential changes in habitat quality resulting from natural processes (climate change, bleaching), human-driven processes (exploitation, pollution) or conservation initiative (protection, restoration) may alter this flow. A key aim of the research has been to define priorities for conservation initiatives based on the interplay between ecological connectivity, ocean circulation patterns and ecological dynamics.

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Register your interest to attend with an email to: Kelly.waples@dpaw.wa.

Department of Parks and Wildlife, Kensington

Thu 29 Jun 2017 To Thu 29 Jun 2017

12:00pm To 1:00pm