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Science on the Broome Coast: connections among fish, trochus, corals and seagrass mobs

NOVEMBER 15, 2017
Going with the Flow

Dr Jim Underwood will explain how coral reef animals like fish, trochus and corals, and marine plants like seagrass, release larvae or seeds into the ocean that form the new “recruits” of the next generation. But how far do these larvae and seeds move away from their parent’s home on ocean currents before they settle and grow into adults?

In order to properly manage marine ecosystems into the future, we need to understand these connections because they influence the regeneration and survival of these marine populations or “mobs”. For example, when corals bleach when it’s too hot, will the new recruits come from local survivors or from reefs far away? The powerful tidal currents of the inshore Kimberley makes understanding these questions challenging but fascinating.

Where  The Hall, University of Notre Dame. 88 Guy St Broome.
When Wednesday November 15 from 6 – 7.30pm

Broome, WA

Wed 15 Nov 2017 To Wed 15 Nov 2017

6:00pm To 7:30pm