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WAMSI Lunch n Learn: Using models to predict future scenarios in the Kimberley region - Dr Fabio Boschetti (CSIRO)

KMRP Lunch and Learn session

Using models to predict future scenarios in the Kimberley region - Lunch n Learn Sessions – WAMSI Kimberley Marine Research Program

When:  Monday, 16 October 2017, 12:00-1:00

Where: Seminar rooms, Kensington

Who: Dr Fabio Boschetti (CSIRO)

As part of the WAMSI Kimberley Marine Research Program, supported by the Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy, scientists from CSIRO and ALCES (based in Canada) have been building a modelling tool to condense data collected from the KMRP projects to help inform future management decisions that may be required for the marine environment. Researchers have employed the use of two models (Ecopath with Ecosim [EwE] and ALCES) to help improve our understanding of the likely impact of increases in different pressures, and how effective different management strategies might be. Its hoped that such a tool and the outputs will improve capacity to plan and manage the Kimberley’s network of marine reserves.

Dr. Fabio Boschetti from CSIRO will give an overview of the initial results from the EwE simulations of impact on the marine environment under different scenarios.   

Management Strategy Evaluation (Fabio Boschetti)


Project Summary


DBCA, Kensington, WA

Mon 16 Oct 2017 To Mon 16 Oct 2017

12:00pm To 1:00pm