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Fisheries management

Fisheries management is about the effectiveness of management strategies.

With an ever increasing population, changing environmental conditions and new fishing technologies, many fish stocks are over exploited with a global trend of declining catch.

There is a constant challenge to ensure that our fish resources continue to be harvested sustainably. Fisheries management is the key to protecting fisheries and their habitat in Western Australia.

It is essential that effective management strategies are in place such as the implementation of marine parks, no-take sanctuary zones and catch limits. (Paper)


Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM)

There is an increasing world-wide recognition of the need to shift the management of natural resources towards the concept known in Australia as ‘ecologically sustainable development’ (ESD). This concept includes the use of ‘whole of ecosystem’ and ‘bioregional approaches’ based on ecosystem boundaries rather than sectoral or jurisdictional boundaries.

This report documents the outcomes of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution

(WAMSI) funded study to examine the costs and benefits of using a bioregional level, Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) approach. (2011) (2009) (2008)

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