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Marine management in WA

Marine management provide a formal integrated management framework over areas that have high conservation value and intensive multiple-use.

Management zones
Most marine parks and reserves in Western Australia are multiple-use reserves that cater for a wide range of activities. Multiple-use reserves reflect a balanced approach to conserving the environment by providing a management framework to ensure human usage does not cause significant or long term damage. Zoning is an important part of the management framework in multiple use marine reserves. In some areas, fishing activities are partially or totally restricted. These zones, known as sanctuary zones in marine parks and conservation areas in marine management areas, provide reference areas that help us measure the impact of human activity on the environment as well as protect habitats and the wildlife in them.

Marine management areas zoning provide an integrated management structure over areas that have both high conservation value and intensive multiple use.

Sanctuary zones
Sanctuary zones provide total protection for marine life. They allow visitors to observe marine life in its natural state. No recreation or commercial fishing is allowed.

Recreation zones
These zones make up large areas of the marine park. Recreation zones are managed for nature conservation and recreation, including recreational fishing

Special purpose zones
These zones also allow visitors to observe marine life in its natural state, however limited recreational ‘troll’ or finfish fishing is allowed. No other extractive activities permitted.

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