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Dredging Science
Node Leader Science: Dr Ross Jones

Node Leader Policy: Dr Ray Masini

Node Leader Science: Dredging

Dr Ross Jones (Node Leader, Science)
Australian Institute of Marine Science
The UWA Oceans Institute (M096), Crawley WA 6009
Phone: +61 8 6369 4015

Dr Ross Jones is a senior research scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) based in the WA Perth office located at the UWA Ocean Institute.

He completed a PhD at James Cook University and at AIMS (1992-1996), and then postdoctoral fellowships at The University of Sydney (ARC fellowship 1996-2000) and The University of Queensland (ARC-Industry fellowship 2000-2004). During these periods, he researched the response of the coral-algal symbiosis to altered environmental conditions including heat, light and osmotic stress, and in response to xenobiotics such as herbicides, copper, cyanide & effluent from the offshore oil and gas industry.

In 2004 he took up a faculty position at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) where he was Principal Investigator of the government funded Marine Environmental Program. This involved designing and implementing various long-term monitoring programs (water quality, seawater temperature, ecological surveys), as well as ecotoxicological studies and surveys of contaminant concentrations.

In 2009, he returned to Australia to take up his present position at AIMS-WA office in Perth. His major research interest is the biology of the coral-algal symbiosis and understanding and quantifying how the relationship changes during conditions of altered environmental conditions (natural and anthropogenic). He is involved in developing ways to examine and quantify the condition of corals in both laboratory-based setting (i.e. for determining water quality criteria for reefal ecosystems) and in the field (i.e. examining dredging or construction-related activity, or point/diffuse source pollution). He is particularly interested in developing water quality criteria for coral reef environments for sediments, metals and pesticides.


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Node Leader Policy: Dredging

Dr Ray Masini (Node Leader, Policy)
Marine Ecosystems Branch
Strategic Policy and Planning Division
Office of the Environmental Protection Authority

Dr Ray Masini is a marine ecologist with nearly 30 years experience working in Western Australian marine ecosystems with particular focus on the temperate and tropical arid ecosystems of the central-west and north-west coasts. He holds an adjunct professorship in the Centre for Ecosystem Management at Edith Cowan University and for the last 16 years has held the position of Manager, Marine Ecosystems Branch of the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

This group develops marine environmental policy and provides technical advice to the EPA and Government generally on the assessment and management of development proposals including aquaculture, desalination and industrial discharges, petroleum-based exploration and production, and port development and expansion.

Ray sits on a number of expert groups and committees and is involved in environmental management strategy and policy formulation at the State and National levels. He has been centrally involved in the planning and management of a range of multidisciplinary marine-scientific studies around the State’s 13,000 km coastline, including the site selection and assessment of an LNG precinct on the remote Kimberley coast.

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