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Joint Projects - Climate Change Adaptation Flyers

Much information is produced about climate change. Despite this, the material can be complex and difficult to understand. As there are a number of marine research projects underway around Australia focusing on climate change and adaptation (NARP FRDC) there was a need to better understand the information required by coastal communities and how best to extend this research into coastal and particularly fishing communities.

These brochures outline projects in the FRDC/NARP "climate change adaptation" suite of products.

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Climate Change Adaptation: building industry and community knowledge

Management implications of climate change effects on fisheries in Western Australia

An adaptation blueprint for coastal communities

Changing currents in marine biodiversity governance and management: responding to climate change

An Information Portal for the Oyster Industry

Effects of climate change on reproduction, larval development, and population growth of coral trout

Estuaries and Coasts: adaptation options for a changing climate

Growth opportunities & critical elements in the value chain for wild fisheries & aquaculture in a changing climate

The vulnerability of an iconic Australian finfish to an altered climate: Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)

Developing adaptation options for seabirds and marine mammals impacted by climate change