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Ningaloo Research Program Fact Sheets and Reports

November 2010

Research findings from four years (2006-2011) of intensive research at Ningaloo Marine Park have now been released.

The discovery of new marine species, predictions on the effects of human behaviour, and coastal and marine park management are part of that research.

Ningaloo research is an initiative of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution, CSIRO's Ningaloo Collaboration Cluster and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, working in partnership with government, local communities and enterprises.

Conducting the research as a strategic collaboration enabled the involvement of a diverse range of marine, social and economic researchers who worked to better understand both the natural and human systems of the Ningaloo region.

The research has:

• produced computer models that act like “flight simulators” and will assist planners and managers to play out different scenarios and management options which evaluate the potential impacts on the economy, the community, tourism and natural resources; and assist to resolve trade-offs between development and conservation;

• identified detailed patterns of activities of people along the coast and how those relate to access roads and other infrastructure;

• produced highly accurate and detailed maps of the physical and biological components of the reef, lagoon and terrestrial systems;

• studied the impacts of tourism on the park to predict the potential effects of different development plans on environmental, economic and social outcomes • worked with a wide range of stakeholders to identify what information and key communication processes are required for integrated coastal management to be improved and maintained for the long term;

Research snapshot


Download the Ningaloo Research Overview FACT SHEET HERE

Download the species inventory database for Ningaloo deep waters FACT SHEET HERE

WAMSI Managing and Conserving the Marine State Fact Sheets:

CSIRO Ningaloo Collaboration Cluster Fact Sheets:

WAMSI Managing and Conserving the Marine State Reports:

Project 3.1.1 Ningaloo Reef Marine ParkDeepwater Benthic Biodiversity Survey
Project 3.1.1d Identification of Demosponges, Echinoderms and Molluscs from the Ningaloo Deepwater Surveys – 2006 to 2008
Project 3.1.2 Methods of monitoring the health of benthic communities at Ningaloo
Project 3.1.3 Stock assessment of targeted invertebrates at Ningaloo Reef
Project 3.1.4 Population monitoring protocols for whale sharks
Project 3.2.1 Diversity, abundance and habitat utilisation of sharks and rays
Project 3.2.2 Ecosystem impacts of human usage and the effectiveness of zoning for biodiversity conservation - an overview
Project 3.2.2a Ecosystem impacts of human usage and the effectiveness of zoning for biodiversity conservation
Project 3.2.2b Diversity, abundance and distribution of intertidalinvertebrate species
Project 3.2.2c Trophic effects through herbivory at Ningaloo Reef
Project 3.2.2d Lagoon Invertebrates
Project 3.2.2e Adequacy of zoning in the Ningaloo Marine Park
Project 3.2.3 An Evaluation of Management Strategies for line fishing
Project 3.4.1 Reef Morphology and Growth History
Project 3.4.2 Characterisation of Geomorphology and Sedimentology
Project 3.5 Characterisation and modelling of oceanographic processes
Project 3.6 Scientific Coordination: Administration, Communication and Data Management
Project 3.8 North West Marine Research Inventory
Project 3.10 Assessment of Coastal Groundwater and Linkages with Ningaloo Reef

CSIRO Ningaloo Collaboration Cluster Reports:


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