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Dredging pressures on coral


Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for coral

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Dredging Science Program: Theme 7
Location: Pilbara and Kimberley
Project Leader: Andrew Negri, AIMS
Telephone: 07 4871 4322


Effects sediments on coral reproduction_WAMSI DSN Project 7.1 Jones et al 2017_FINAL

Coral Reproduction in WA_WAMSI DSN Project 7.2 Gilmour et al 2017_FINAL

Effects of sediments on reproductive cycle of corals_WAMSI DSN Projects 7.3 7.4 & 7.5_Ricardo et al 2017_FINAL



Sediments released from dredging can reduce or block light, clog filtering and feeding apparatus and smother benthic organisms. Sediments can also affect many aspects of the reproduction and recruitment processes which underlie the maintenance of communities and their resilience to disturbance. Particularly relevant to managing the risk of dredging projects around coral reefs is the phenomenon of multi-specific synchronous spawning of corals, where many (though not all) coral species spawn at predictable times of the year. Since some studies have indicated that the early life-history stages of corals are particularly sensitive to sediments (and since no evidence has been presented to the contrary), the precautionary principle has been applied to managing risks posed by elevated sediments during the mass spawning period. Regulations in WA have required a shutdown of dredging operations shortly before and after the known synchronous spawning periods. These shutdown periods are referred to as Environmental Windows (EW). Theme 7 of the WAMSI Dredging Science Node addresses the environmental effects of sediments on the early life-history stages of corals, coral spawning Environmental Windows and shutdown procedures as applied to large scale dredging project in WA.


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