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Dredging pressures on other organisms


Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for other organisms

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Dredging Science Program: Theme 9
Location: Pilbara and Kimberley
Project Leader:  Gary Kendrick, UWA
Telephone: 6488 3998


Effects of Dredging on Ecological Processes_WAMSI DSN Report 9.1_Short_et_al_2017_FINAL


This study will review environmental windows for organisms other than corals and fish such as sessile invertebrates, macroalgae and seagrasses. Environmental windows are periods of critical importance to the life history of a marine species, like reproduction and recruitment.

The key objectives are: to review the scientific literature on the timing and spatial extent of critical ecological processes relevant to tropical WA for marine primary producers and invertebrates (i.e. organisms other than coral and finfish) and the state of knowledge regarding potential effects of dredging on these key ecological processes. The review will also have a particular focus on ecological processes in marine primary producers and invertebrates that occur during discrete, predictable periods, and on organisms that are potentially invasive species. Also we will identify potentially critical periods (ecological windows) and locations when mitigating scheduling and other management processes could be implemented to reduce the impact of dredging on non- coral and non-finfish biota and the potential for invasive species to be become established. As well as this reviewing, the management need is: to guide and target management to minimize disruption to both the critical ecological windows and dredging programs.


Kendrick G et al. Effects of dredging related pressures on critical ecological processes for organisms other than fish or coral. 2017 WAMSI Research Conference (audioPresentation slides


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