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Modelling the future of the Kimberley region


Knowledge integration and Management Strategy Evaluation modelling

Other Details: 

Kimberly Marine Research Program: Project 2.2.8
Location: See Geographic range below
Project Leader: Fabio Boschetti, CSIRO
Telephone: 9333 6563

Final Report:

Knowledge Integration and Management Strategy Evaluation Modelling_WAMSI KMRP project 2.2.8 Report_Boschetti et al 2017_Final

Project Aims:

In this project we will explore the possible and desired futures of the Kimberly region. We will use two computer models, Ecopath with Ecosim and Alces. What futures we explore will be determined in consultation with stakeholders and interested parties. The result of this study will support key state and local decision-makers.

Project Summary


Why computer models

Meaningful decision-making requires prediction. Without some rough, possibly vague, guess at the consequences of different available decisions, we would have no reason to prefer one decision over another. The important question is what type of prediction best supports decision-making.

We need to study the Kimberley system as a whole, addressing specifically the cumulative effects of various human uses and activities. This is a challenging task. There is a high level of uncertainty about how the Kimberley system works and what future stressors it may undergo. Uncertainty is not the only challenge. The future of the Kimberley system will be determined by the interaction between many forces: the economy, ecological processes, social development, climate change, human population dynamics, resource extraction and many others.  Notice that these processes influence one another, leading to potentially very complex dynamics.

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Boschetti F, Lozano-Montes H, Stelfox B. (2020) Modelling regional futures at decadal scale: application to the Kimberley region. Science Reports



Boschetti F. Knowledge Integration and Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) Modelling.  2017 WAMSI Research Conference (video of presentation)

Hipsey M et al. What is modelling and why do we care? 2017 WAMSI Research Conference (video of presentation) Presentation slides

WAMSI KMRP Lunch and Learn - Using models to predict future scenarios in the Kimberley region - Dr Fabio Boschetti (CSIRO) (16 Oct 2017)




Modelling a picture of the future Kimberley marine environment (WAMSI Bulletin May 2017)