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Pressures on migratory shorebirds


Evaluating the impacts of local and international pressures on migratory shorebirds

Other Details: 

Kimberly Marine Research Program: Project 1.2.6
Location: Roebuck Bay and 80 Mile Beach
Project Leader: Danny Rogers, AWSG
Telephone: (03) 9710 1345


Projects Aims

  • Collect data on shorebird population numbers and trends at Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach
  • Study local pressures on shorebird populations and provide recommendations
  • Study impacts of international habitat loss on shorebirds in Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach 

Proposed Methods

Surveys at high tide to count shorebirds of Roebuck Bay (including Bush Point) and the northern 80km of Eighty-mile Beach to species level by an experienced team of professional and volunteer shorebird experts. Surveys will be repeated at sites.

Project Duration October-December 2012

Proposed location for the project

  • Roebuck Bay
  • 80 Mile Beach


  • Better overall knowledge of which shorebirds are visiting these areas
  • Provide a knowledge base to allow monitoring of shorebirds into the future – information to help understand if populations are going up or down
  • Develop effective and efficient monitoring methods that can be conducted over the long-term
  • Determine impacts of pressures at an international and local level on shorebirds

Longer term goals beyond the life of the project

To continue a long term monitoring program in the Kimberley