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Saltwater crocodiles


Distribution, abundance, critical habitat and population growth rates of saltwater crocodile populations in the Kimberley region

Other Details: 

Kimberly Marine Research Program: Project 1.2.3
Location: River systems and waterways King Edward, Drysdale, Walcott Inlet and May (Stokes Bay)
Project Leader: Andy Halford, DPaW
Telephone: 9219 9795

Final Report

Saltwater crocodiles_WAMSI KMRP Report 1.2.3_Halford et al 2017_FINAL

Project Summary Update

Projects Aims

  1. To count saltwater crocodiles in the Kimberley region;
  2. To survey Kimberley waters that have never been surveyed for crocodiles in partnership with Indigenous Rangers e.g. Drysdale River and Walcott Inlet
  3. To calculate population growth rates in river systems that have been surveyed previously
  4. Study geographical variation in abundance and population growth rate between rivers systems

To identify critical habitat for saltwater crocodiles in the Kimberley region.

Proposed Methods

  • Boat-based spotlight surveys broadscale and standardized

Project Duration 2015-2016



  1. Barrow D et al. Saltwater crocodiles in the Kimberley. 2017 WAMSI Research Conference (video of presentation)
  2. Lunch and Learn presentation at Department of Parks and Wildlife (06/02/2017) (video of presentation below) (presentation slides)
  3. Science on the Broome Coast: How well are estuarine crocodiles doing in the Kimberley?
  4. WAMSI Conference 2015: Andy Halford, DPaW - Crocodiles  (presentation slides)



Saltwater crocodile numbers up in the Kimberley, fears the reptiles will spread to populated areas (ABC)
Saltwater crocodile populations continue to grow in Prince Regent River (WAMSI BUlletin (February 2017)