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WAMSI Governance

WAMSI’s governance structure includes at its highest level, a set of Governors representing the partners, with a subset of that group comprising the Governing Board for strategic oversight of the program and operations.

Executive support and all day-to-day operations, extension, finances and program development are managed by a small Secretariat at WAMSI Headquarters (HQ), led by the CEO. Three Board Committees provide coordination, audit, review and advice to the Board.

The Board approves all research programs and projects. A rigorous system of reporting and accountability is embedded in the research agreements. Quality control is maintained through the Research & Development Committee, internal processes of the research providers, through periodic reviews of Node research results and through rigorous and well-established peer-review processes for publication in scientific journals.

Project design requires all projects to be multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary research thus fostering collaboration and joint publications.

In the second half of 2012/13 several key changes were made to streamline governance including:

  • the cessation of the Strategic Programs Committee with the Board retaking those delegated responsibilities, and
  • the delegation of research approval and oversight from the Board to the R&D Committee once a node had been approved. 

The organisational structure that the WAMSI Board has adopted: