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WAMSI humpback survey for 2011

On the 15th August 2011 WAMSI commenced its humpback whale boat based survey for 2011.  This follows previous boat based studies in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  

The area of operation is Broome to Camden Sound.  96 whales were spotted from Cable Beach Broome to Pender Bay in a five hour period.  Large numbers of whales was also recorded in Pender Bay as the boat travelled north towards Camden Sound. 

The majority of whales seem to be moving north still, however a large number were already moving south, most likely adolescent males and females who are leaving the Kimberley waters earlier.

We look forward to presenting the results of these surveys at the next AMSA conference in 2012.

Below is the whale story on ABC Broome.

and here is the blog:

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 Humpback calf frolicking in Pender Bay, September 2011.
 Footage courtesy WA Fisheries